What To Consider With Credit Cards

Whether you already own a credit card or you’re still in limbo about getting one, there are quite a few key points to consider when thinking about credit card choices. Refined Currency will be sharing a couple of advantages, disadvantages, and important tips to think about when it comes to your existing or future creditContinue reading “What To Consider With Credit Cards”

3 Things Worth Spending Your Money On In Your 20s

Our 20s are the best time to do the things we want to do before we say “I Do” or have someone yelling “Mummy” at us. Whether or not we realise it, freedom is something that should really be valued whilst we have the luxury of no responsibilities. So here are 3 things RC recommendContinue reading “3 Things Worth Spending Your Money On In Your 20s”

‘Tis The Season To Watch Your Spending!

Advent calendars are out and we are only in the beginning of November. Before you know it there will be Christmas lights up and every sign/ad you see will encourage you to spend all your money. The Christmas period is usually the hardest time for most people in terms of personal finance so here areContinue reading “‘Tis The Season To Watch Your Spending!”